is the website of Matt Green →. I make videos on YouTube. I'm a designer, maker of things, lover of coffee and massive basketball fan. So far I've published one article on Medium. In 2015 I organised, volunteered and travelled to Guatemala to build a playground, I made a documentary of it which you can watch on here. I’m always working with the Non-Profit Organization (hence building the playground). I lead the design teams for the digital redesigns of high profile clients like and, the list could go on–all whilst I was Associate Design Director at DT under the guidance of the legendary Jason Massarotto. More recently the UI design for the reimagined booking system for Spirit of Tasmania was my handy work with the ridiculously talented team Mentally Friendly.

I love to up-cycle things like this →, this →, this →, this → and make these →. I've also spent hours re-designing the NBA league logos → amongst hundreds of other things.

I have Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook which I rarely use as I'm working on projects for everyone else. Checkout my professional details on LinkedIN. The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it, lets do that together while you get sick of me asking questions.